‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ now available on Amazon Prime

The Great Indian Kitchen, a Malayalam film, was one of the most talked-about films on social media after its release. It was lauded for depicting gender and patriarchal problems in Indian households in a sensitive manner. It’s actually available on Amazon Prime Videos now.
The film had also created a lot of hype after its creators announced that they had encountered several obstacles in relation to its publication.
The rejection of the film by OTT platforms sparked debate among netizens, with some questioning whether OTT platforms truly have a forum for low-budget and regional language films.

The Great Indian Kitchen, a critically acclaimed Malayalam film, has finally landed on Amazon Prime Video, nearly two months after it first debuted on the digital platform Neestream. When director Jeo Baby’s genius effort to deconstruct hegemony was announced, it received a lot of acclaim, and it will now hit a broader audience thanks to Amazon Prime Video.

Baby took to Instagram to inform fans of the storey, thanking both Neestream and the audience for helping to make The Great Indian Kitchen important over the last two months.

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